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“I’m 100% confident we made the right choice. The administration of the system is simple and the content is a god-send.” – Gareth George Learning and Development Manager, Onsite Rental Group

Onsite Rental Group is a locally-owned company that rents equipment across Australia. They employ product specialists for every product in every region of Australia to offer expert advice on equipment application.

They also remain 100% independent of equipment manufacturers so their product specialists are free to offer unbiased advice on the right product for product application.

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ELMO Client Experience – Onsite Rental Group

Gareth George, Learning and Development Manager at Onsite Rental Group recently spoke to ELMO and shared his Talent Management System procurement and implementation experiences. Gareth’s career has seen him responsible for the selection and implementation of a variety of Talent Management Systems (using both Australian based and overseas providers), across a number of industries.

Gareth’s experience has taught him that every organisation is unique in its specific requirements and, as a result, there is no perfect ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, there are some key differences between systems that will help you identify the right fit for your requirements. You need to be clear on your system objectives from the outset and keep those top of mind when selecting your supplier. 


Keeping in mind that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply to Talent Management Software, what made you decide ELMO was the right choice for Onsite?

I’ve used some of the bigger Talent Management solution providers before but, in the case of Onsite, ELMO offered the best fit for our requirements. We have close to 500 employees across Australia and a lot of our systems were manual and paper based. We wanted to move to something more automated and streamlined; however, we didn’t want to over complicate the process, we didn’t want to have to invest in developing our own content and we needed to be able to easily produce compliance reports.

The simplicity of the ELMO solution was great for us. It’s easy to use and administer, so unlike some of the more complex systems out there, we don’t need an internal resource dedicated full time to keep it all running smoothly. The other key selling point for us was the quality of the course library and the ability to customise the content.

Was securing internal stakeholder approval a difficult process?

I was lucky that I joined the company at a time when the current HR systems were due for a refresh and our decision makers were keen to explore what was out there. The procurement process we conducted was rigorous, and all potential suppliers were put through their paces. Ultimately though, once our key stakeholders saw how the ELMO solution matched our requirements, they also felt confident it was the best fit for us.

Tell us about the implementation process?

The implementation of any new system can be a challenging; however ELMO’s approach places emphasis on two way communication, collaboration and feedback. We successfully completed the Performance Management System implementation, are now negotiating our way through the Learning Management System implementation. We are looking forward to getting the Onboarding system up and running early in 2016. 

What has the workforce response been to the new Performance Management System?

Prior to the new system implementation, we worked on a paper based performance management model, which is far from ideal. Since the ELMO system was introduced, and despite some unexpected organisational change, staff engagement in the performance review process has increased by 15%. 

Now you have completed a system implementation, do you feel ELMO was the right choice?

I’m 100% confident we made the right choice. The administration of the system is simple and the content is a god-send.  I’m looking forward to the implementation of the Onboarding system and the clean up of our internal processes that will come with it. 

Onsite Rental Group have recently launched a new ELMO Performance Management System, are working through a Learning Management System and Course Library implementation, and have an Onboarding system scheduled for implementation in early 2016.

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