New Zealand Home Loans


“One of the real benefits for us using ELMO was that we can access their course library, but modify it to fit NZHL’s language and needs.” – Kenny Addison, General Manager, Business Development, NZHL

NZHL is a New Zealand owned and operated franchise company set up in 1996 by John Erkkila and Murray Ferguson. They’re about unearthing clients’ hidden plans and dreams and putting customised solutions in place to turn those plans into reality.

ELMO Client Experience – New Zealand Home Loans


New Zealand Home Loans has experienced incredible growth over the last 4 years, doubling its number of franchises from 40 to 80 in that time. With continued workforce growth anticipated, a new product being added to the franchisee product suite, and legislative changes in the market, Kenny Addison, General Manager at New Zealand Home Loans, wanted to ‘future proof’ the organisation with a Learning Management System (LMS) that offered both scalability and flexibility. 

The ever growing training requirements now include legislation compliance, product accreditation, new employee induction and a variety of professional development courses. The existing face-to-face training worked well, but did place some limitations on the access to and frequency of delivery. In the past, some talent had been lost due to delaying employment offers to coincide with a scheduled face to face induction.

It was decided that a blended approach of both face-to-face training and flexible ‘on-demand’ online training was the best solution. The only catch was it had to be implemented within 8 weeks to coincide with the accreditation requirement attached to the launch of a new product. Missing this deadline would potentially delay the project by 12 months…



  • No existing online learning platform or content in place
  • Hard delivery deadline of 8 weeks from commencement of implementation
  • Establish a delivery method to meet training demands of legislation compliance and accreditation
  • Improve timeliness around induction and ongoing product training


  • Missing the implementation deadline could delay the project by 12 months
  • Workforce are not proactive learners, so the value of training would need to be sold internally
  • Retain face to face training and complement it with ‘on-demand’ online learning

ELMO Solution


  • Successfully launched within the 8-week time frame
  • Online training now available ‘on-demand’ for induction, accreditation, and legislative compliance
  • More than 50% of franchisees have completed all required accredited training using the new LMS within the first two of months. 

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